• Prebiotic + Probiotic

    We blend the perfect balance of naturally ferment kvass with unfiltered apple cider vinegar to not only provide beneficial bacteria in our drinks, but to feed the good bugs you've already got.

  • Certified Organic

    One tablespoon of healthy soil contains around 50 billion microbes, which is one (of many) reasons we only produce certified organic beverages. Drink like your planet depends on it!

  • No Added Sugar

    What we choose to drink matters, and drinking beverages full of sweeteners got old to us fast. Unlike kombucha, we don't even need to add sugars to our initial ferments!

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Kvastly Differently Good Road Cyclist

Functionally Friendly

What we choose to eat and drink plays a huge role in our resiliency and success. Long time fermentors and school teachers set out to improve the microbiomes of our community. Kvastly is the natural progression of our goal to share all day drinking beverages with strong nutritional and microbial foundations.

Kvastly Differently Good Carrots on Orange Background

Kvastly Different

There’s a lot of garbage out there, and we think your tank deserves a little better fuel. That’s why we brewed up Kvastly, a live and fermented, prebiotic and probiotic champion of refreshment. This bevy is naturally packed with electrolytes and holds enough self esteem to be a little different. Open your horizons and give Kvastly a try.