About Us

We're all looking for ways to give back and serve our communities. What started as a personal wellness exploration into fermented foods and beverages, has evolved into an opportunity to feed and hydrate people with a better-for-you ethos.

So many products out there cater to peoples vices and unconscious addictions like sugary and/or alcoholic drinks, it's easy to do, and let's be honest... It sells! Kvastly has been brought to your door for another purpose... to shift our addictions to what actually makes you feel good. We can't even contain our excitement for this line of beverages because we've created a drink that is uncompromisingly amazing in every which way that matters to us. Some of our non-negotiables, what every Kvastly drink must have or provide are; organic, hydrating, fermented, probiotic, made with real stuff, and no sugars or sweeteners. If it doesn't give us that good sip wiggle, or double take head nod... it's back to the benchtop to revise.

So why are these elements so important to us? Simply put, it's what we wish to put out in the world, because what we choose to drink, eat, and ultimately create and share really matters. We're out here to provide all day drinking beverages with strong nutritional and microbial foundations, because it's our goal to improve the diversity and resilience of our communities... inside and out.

Kvastly is a true reflection of a Bend style beverage, but it's not another west coast IPA. These drinks are ready to keep you moving, grooving, and feeling fresh for whatever your day bubbles up. Whether you're looking for the perfect dinner pairing, bringing up some summit sippers, or stashing a sampler pack in the back of your rig at the trailhead, Kvastly drinks are made to be enjoyed AND to help you feel your best.

Curious about the founders? We've (Paul and Sarah) have spent close to twenty years living and growing in the beautiful Bend, Oregon community. When we're not elbow deep in tanks at our fermentory or nose deep in a book, you'll find us following the season... chasing those legendary outdoor recreation days that make us feel most alive.